Hibrid Plants (RTO + Scrubber) - "Combi-Turtle" series

The market requires to br always updated and active in the field of research.

Innovaterm have created a new system covered by European Patent.


Combi-Turtle is a combined System (combustor and scrubber) that can break down pollutants of different nature, such as METHYLENE CHLORIDE (halogenated substances) and the STYRENE (typical from oxidation)


We believe in the possibility of combining the classic technology of combustion with the proven technology of wet processing, so as to provide combined systems that allow the customer to use either solvent of different nature also including the halogenated (eg. Methylene Chloride) and others (eg. DMF) that require special attention. 

A system that doesn’t require anymore elevation and cooling of temperature to work, but in the same way it ensures excellent environmental yields.


Main features:



Every need, treated until now with a sequential system of machines, is solved with the only use of the Combi-Turtle, in which coexist Regenerative Thermal Oxidation and acid-basic reaction of acids and solvents that are soluble in aqueous solution.


The extreme versatility of the machine allows to not worry about of where to convey the exhaust gas: it’s better scrubber or to burn with the combustor? None of this. Combi-Turtle is the union of two machines.


With a combined system you have substantial savings on structures and functional organs (fans and valves), so you can make the most from the saved space for production.


A single fan saves several kW power engine, facilitated also by the wastewater conveying that is simple and shortened (lower pressure drop).


Built with corrosion-resistant materials, it allows the treatment of acids. 


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