Combustion plants

At the base of this product type there’s a thermal combustion whose chemical reaction can be synthesized as follows:  

VOC => H2O + CO2


It’s important to know that the process can lead to the formation of other substances such as CO, SO2, nitrogen oxides (NOx), chlorine ( Cl2 ), hydrogen chloride ( HCl ), aldehydes. CO and NOx are regulated with the perfect calibration of temperature oxidation, SO2 is related to the use of fuels in alternative to methane gas, the halogenated products are incombustible waste if not present in small traces, but they can be treated with our new combined system (combustor + scrubber) called Combi-Turtle.

The combustion of occurs within a confined volume (combustion chamber) after a preheating. The burner, that is in this space, allows the trigger of the oxidation process. The self-reliance of the process is guaranteed by the VOC concentration in the gaseous effluent.