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Much more than a company

Innovaterm S.r.l. has been the first company in Italy to build RTO, based on thermal combustion (regenerative, recuperative, catalytic, combined, …).

Faced with the increasingly pressing needs of “clean” emissions and to optimize energy consumption, we always try to do our best to offer a careful consultancy and to define, with our customer, the best available technology.

Our technicians take care of the every detail of the system’s design; in our establishment we make a pre-assembling that allows us to minimize the assembly time at customer’s site.


Our product range


We believed in the possibility of combining the classic technology of combustion with the proven technology of wet processing, so as to provide combined systems that allow the customer to use either solvent of different nature also including the halogenated (eg. Methylene Chloride) and others (eg. DMF) that require special attention.


With a great experience, Innovaterm includes more than 300 plants for the treatment of processing solvents of different nature. Thanks to a suitable choice of filling bodies in ceramic material and thanks to the preliminary survey to understand the real needs of the customer, the thermal efficiency is optimized compared to excellent environmental yields to ensure the emissions under the most rigorous European standards (below 20 mg/Nmc).


We have a wide range of used Thermal Combustor, reconditioned to new in our establishment and sold to our customers with certifications and with a 12 months warranty from start-up.


The assistance of our systems has two types of intervention: with machines in operation and with machines in stand-by.

Innova-Action and Research

Sectors of

Professionalism and Technique



A well maintained plant is the result of a good design, an organized production and an efficient after-sales assistance.



Innovaterm has qualified personnel and valid external collaborators who guarantee optimal results in the design phase. Many and constant are relations with analysis laboratories, with plant constructors who intend to sell their turnkey products, also abroad.
Our super specialisation in one sector only (combustion chambers) makes us extremely competitive even where labour costs would seem to favour local manufacturers.



The more than 400 plants constructed up to today in a culture focused exclusively on the design of combustion chambers allows us to offer extreme reliability both regard to planning and the choice of materials.
For the Oxidizer production, Innovaterm has always relied on the most valid and trusted suppliers, who have always guaranteed the high quality of their products and services.


After-sales Assistance

Innovaterm has the necessary experience and staff trained to intervene in emergencies, an element essential in our opinion in the management of sustainable systems.
Innovaterm makes also maintenance contracts for on each individual customer.


Big projects for big ideas

Innovaterm S.r.l. places its faith in continuous improvement and with this scope uses as a Guideline for production an environment management system that widely complies with the current directives.
Our production is based on the construction of Oxidizer and therefore, every day, we are faced with the problem of how to improve the environment. We feel we should use the same language and the same culture as those who intend to insert our specific constructions in an overall evaluation of the industrial chain.

We make sure that all the components used in our plants have a low impact on the environment, from ceramic fibres to the choice of gaskets, up to the painting phase. Superfluous to stress the fact that the same Oxidizer, in function on the final customer’s premises, always beat the minimum limits set by the current directives.
In our more advanced systems, new technologies have allowed us to reach levels of less than 10 mg/Nm3, that’s 2 times less than those foreseen by Control Authorities at present.

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