About us

Much more than a company

Innovaterm has been founded in 1975 by a group of people specialized in thermal engineering and with strong leanings to the search for new industrial solutions.

We have realized almost 400 plants and this allows us to offer a great reliable on the design and on the choice of materials to use.
We have numerous and consistent working relationship with analysis laboratories, and with system developers that want to offer in Italy and abroad their products .

Innovaterm S.r.l. has been the first company in Italy to build RTO, based on thermal combustion (regenerative, recuperative, catalytic, combined, …).
Faced with the increasingly pressing needs of “clean” emissions and to optimize energy consumption, we always try to do our best to offer a careful consultancy and to define, with our customer, the best available technology.
Our technicians take care of the every detail of the system’s design; in our establishment we make
a pre-assembling that allows us to minimize the assembly time at customer’s site.