With a great experience (1989 – First RTO in Italy), Innovaterm includes more than 300 plants for the treatment of processing solvents of different nature.

Thanks to a suitable choice of filling bodies in ceramic material (ordered/Honeycombs or bulk/saddles) and thanks to the preliminary survey to understand the real needs of the customer, the thermal efficiency is optimized compared to excellent environmental yields to ensure the emissions under the most rigorous European standards (below 20 mg/Nmc).
The best choice and the calibration of auxiliary burners allow a better control even of the emissions of carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen that will complement the environmental requirements of regenerative thermal oxidators.

Innovaterm has realized a series of thermal combustors called Turtle, that combines the combustion process to a system of heat recovery with the regeneration process.
The Turtle series can be equipped with three or more columns internally insulated that contain ceramic materials selected according to the design parameters.
The polluted air is fed into the recovery chamber to be preheated, through the ceramic bed, before entering the oxidation chamber where in the presence of oxygen, it is reached ignition temperature exceeding 750°C .
In the combustion chamber, with residence times always in excess of 0,8 seconds, we have the oxidation process and the neutralization of the organic solvents.